Vortex Communications CallMe-TR

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Low-Cost IP Audio Codec Add-On for ISDN Mixers

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CallMe-TR Studio Codec has been designed as a hardware back-end for CallMe Click-and-Connect™
Vortex’s internet codec service which lets guests and reporters send high-quality low-delay audio back to the studio without the need for them to have their own IP codec or download special software. Apart from CallMe-TR, CallMe Click-and-Connect™ is of course compatible with most IP Audio Codecs too. CallMe-TR has balanced stereo inputs and outputs on ΒΌ” Jacks plus RJ45 Ethernet connectivity, now with USB Audio Interface.

CallMe-TR is housed in the same small desktop enclosure as the CallMe-TS Studio Codec but additionally has four “Call” buttons on the front panel that provide eight “Quick Dial” connections – 4x single-button Analogue to Digital and 4x shifted buttons A-to-D and a single “Drop” button to disconnect. It has been designed as a simple, reliable IP Audio Codec that can work alongside most ISDN mixers, allowing live 2-way transmission using IP.


Additional licenses available for purchase for the CallMe-T include the following.

Smartstream: https://www.proaudiotv.com.au/product/vortex-communications-smartstream-for-callme-t/

USB Passthrough: https://www.proaudiotv.com.au/product/vortex-communications-usb-passthrough-for-callme-t/


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