Vortex Communications Ltd is a UK manufacturer of video and audio solutions for broadcasters since 1987. Vortex’s CallMe family of low-cost and easy-to-use IP Audio Codecs was developed as a cost-effective way for Broadcasters to put guests and reporters live on-air with reliable high-quality low-delay audio. CallMe is now being sold to the Australian and New Zealand market via Professional Audio & Television.

The CallMe family consists of three products:

CallMe Click-&-Connect is a Browser-to-Hardware Cloud Codec that allows talent and reporters to be On-Air without the need for the guest contributor to have any special hardware or download software. This is achieved by sending your branded weblink to the talent, who then connects to your studio codec via a 20kHz 2-way Audio Live Stream, compatible with most IP codecs.

CallMe-diRECt, winner of NAB Radio Product-of-the-Year 2020, is a browser-to-browser solution which connects the reporter to the guest without the need for any hardware codecs. There is no software to download and the guest doesn’t need to create an account, which is perfect for non-technical users. The low-delay two-way 20kHz live streaming lets users talk naturally and effortlessly, without the fatigue of robotic-sounding voices and long latency. Lossless local recording at each end of the call, combined with real-time background transfer, ensures the host has a perfect copy of the interview for later editing, even if the internet connection is patchy. Live and recorded audio is end-to-end encrypted between the guest’s browser and the host’s. No audio is stored on any servers. With no need for any special hardware or software, CallMe-diRECt is perfect for presenters and producers working from home. It is also ideal for recording physically-distanced in-person interviews, with the host and guest both using mobile phones, connected by scanning a QR code.

And last – but by no means least – CallMe-T is Vortex’s low-cost hardware IP Audio Codec. Originally conceived as a low-cost back-end for CallMe Cloud codecs, it has found its place as an ideal solution for journalists working-from-home and as an IP add-on for the huge number of ISDN mixers still in use. CallMe-T has industry-standard Opus & G.722 coding, balanced stereo and USB audio connectivity allowing connection of USB headsets and mixers, 8x quick-dial presets and multi-destination 2-in-1 operation with Vortex Communications SmartStream™ where one CallMe-T can work as two separate mono codecs to different destinations.