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Audio / Video Interfaces > LAWO A__mic8

The A__mic8 combines eight Lawo-grade Mic/Line Inputs, four Line Outputs, eight GPIOs, WordClock In/Out and two RAVENNA / AES67 Ethernet ports in a compact 19”/1RU device, supporting 44.1 / 48 / 88.2* / 96k*Hz sampling rates. Perfect for work in multiple applications and environments, the A__mic8 is designed to fulfill the highest demands in audio quality, providing ultra low distortion and noise with Lawo’s premium grade mic pre-amps.

Since the unit is powered over Ethernet (PoE), it can be connected with just one CAT5 cable. A second Ethernet port allows for hitless merge network redundancy and redundant power can be furnished via the device’s DC input. CAT5 cable allows a maximum distance of 100m (330ft) to the powering switch, with an optional Coax converter cable length can be extended to 1km (0.6mi).

A__mic8’s discrete Class-A microphone preamplifiers deliver excellent performance with ultra low equivalent input noise even at moderate gains and very low noise at low gains. And even at high gains the circuitry provides superb distortion performance and a flat frequency response. Lawo’s Advanced Preamplifier Gain Structure employs a fully digital gain stage and two noise-scaling amplifiers, one analog and one digital.

The analog noise-scaling amplifier in combination with its digital counterpart is used to manage the analog gain stage for optimal noise performance. Lawo’s unique methodology also makes it possible to change gain settings in the digital domain without any audible clicks.

In addition to the A__mic8’s superb gain performance characteristics, it also offers advanced digital filters within the A/D conversion process that utilize modified FIR filter architecture to minimize latency while maintaining excellent linear phase response.


  • Lawo-grade audio quality:
    high dynamic range (118dBA)
    ultra low distortions (THD&N 0.0003% for inputs)
    ultra low equivalent input noise (EIN -128dBu@150Ω)
  • Click-free gain changes
  • 44.1 / 48 / 88.2* / 96*kHz operation
  • High RF immunity
  • One cable only:
    PoE (Powered-over-Ethernet)
    optional local PSU redundancy
  • Fan-free hardware design
  • RAVENNA / AES67 / SMPTE2110-30 compatible
  • Full remote control capability