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Radio Frequency Distribution > WisyCom MFL

The MFL provides wideband optical link for up to 4 RF channels combined in a single fiber thanks to CWDM technology.

It is designed to allow for a flexible and modular configuration thanks to a mainboard that can be fitted with up to 4 plug-in boards that can be any combination of two types:
• TX: Laser optical transmitter (CDWM) plug-in board
• RX: Optical-receiver plug-in board

Other configurations are also possible like MFL-RR** / MFL-TT** or a mixed like a MFL-RRTT with both receiver and transmitter channels.
  • REAL-TIME CLOCK with a backed-up static RAM to monitor and record internal RF levels and service data (i.e. laser lifetime)
  • TX - (remote RF reception, i.e. diversity antennas): the units can incorporate a digitally tuned filter (25 MHz movable band over 400-800 MHz)
  • TX - Can route RF through an external filter or to an additional receiver (redundancy) to easily implement a failsafe configuration that can switch on a redundant receiver or transmitter if any fault is detected
  • TX - Automatically monitors RF levels and intervenes to avoid fiber saturation
  • RX - RF transmission (i.e. single-frequency master/slave areas)
  • RX - Can route an IFB high power signal to transmit locally and send low power IFB carrier over fiber to slave units
  • RX - When it is working along with a MTK952MS in slave configuration, the fiber loss is automatically recovered and the units increase the gain so that the transmitter power equals the target level (measured with an power/SWR meter integrated into the MTK952MS)


All Wisycom products sold in Australia have been modified to comply with the applicable Australian Standard where necessary and are certified for use in Australia. For further information please contact PAT at