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Radio Frequency Distribution > WisyCom MAT243-MAT283

MAT 243/283 is a programmable diversity matrix combiner. This unique device allows to combining RF coming from 4/8 areas (a couple of diversity feed) on the fly thanks to a matrix of solid state switches. It is designed to have the greatest reliability, with redundant power supply (AC and DC). All operations can be remote using USB or Ethernet.

Typical applications are a production center where a control room has to work with several STUDIOs also at the same time or a THEATRE that needs time to time to combine main stage, foyer or lobby. Also your ENG or OB-Van facility will benefit this freedom to manage different RF areas.

This flexibility along with the possibility to work in wideband allows also an easy deployment of your wireless audio infrastructure and also to optimize your overall CAPEX (i.e. sharing resources like wireless microphones).
  • Flexible: Route and combine up to 4/8 diversity inputs to seamless manage several areas (studio)
  • Broadband Operation working 470 MHz-880 MHz
  • AC & DC Operations for enhanced reliability
  • Remotable through Ethernet and USB
  • Internal and external alarm indication (up to 8 ext. Alarms and 3 GPIOs)


All Wisycom products sold in Australia have been modified to comply with the applicable Australian Standard where necessary and are certified for use in Australia. For further information please contact PAT at