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Radio Frequency Distribution > WisyCom LBNA

The LBNA is a wideband UHF antenna LPDA (LOG PERIODIC DIPOLE Array). 
It enhances reception providing approx 6 dB gain with typical beam-width of 90 degrees and embodies a signal amplifier with digital control adjustable gain.

Weather resistant, it grants perfect working even in outside locations.
  • AGILE: working bandwidth of 470-870 MHz
  • EASY & QUICK TO USE: LED display & function buttons
  • RUGGED: sturdy metal body construction and epoxy protection on cable joints
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE: optimized 6dB gain with a typical beam-width of 90 degrees
  • INTEGRATED BOOSTER: very high linear booster (OIP3 40 dBm) with 15 dB gain settable in one step dB step


All Wisycom products sold in Australia have been modified to comply with the applicable Australian Standard where necessary and are certified for use in Australia. For further information please contact PAT at