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NEWS > LAWO, VSM & Bel for NEP's HD11


Professional Audio & Television, one of Australia’s leading broadcast suppliers and integrators, announced today that they have been awarded the contract to supply NEP Australia (formerly Global Television) with a large LAWO mc2 56 MKII console system, a VSM system and 8 Bel (Digital Audio) audio confidence monitors.

NEP Australia purchased the 64 fader LAWO mc2 56 MKII with a fully redundant NOVA73 HD console Core router, redundant DSP functionality and 6 DALLIS input and output frames. The system, which provides full control, DSP, and I/O redundancy, is based on the winning formula used by NEP in their HD9 truck, however taking it to a whole new level with a 64 fader surface this time. Once again, the decision was made to purchase LAWO’s cutting edge console and router technology, featuring among other things auto-mix, up mix and of course loudness metering. The system, which is due to arrive in Australia in March, will comprise the largest LAWO console system in the NEP fleet of trucks.

Once again NEP Australia has entrusted the control of the truck to L-S-B Broadcast Technologies VSM system (Virtual Studio Manager). The unlimited size matrix VSM system will be responsible for controlling most of the hardware in the broadcast trailer, including the Riedel Artist talkback system, LAWO VPRO8’s, LAWO mc2 56 MKII console system, LVM TV Logic Monitors, Imagine Technology’s Video Router, Sony MVS 8000, OpenGear equipment, and ROSS Video Frames. The system, which is currently custom configured by NEP Australia staff to their specific needs, also provides multiviews for over 350 pictures and allows NEP create, load and save presets including labels, crosspoints, GPO states, parameters and panels layouts. Virtual Signals allow creation of “re-entries” without using physical router resources. VSM Pseudo devices enable NEP to link Video, Audio, TC, and RS-422 signals into a switchable overall bundle, providing unprecedented flexibility to turn the trailer around between jobs and recall client specific production requirements.

NEP Australia’s Technology Services Manager Milan Milenkovic commented: “Once again we have deployed a proven formula to build the largest and most powerful truck in our fleet. Our long standing relationship with Professional Audio & Television allowed us to develop the system in close cooperation with LAWO & LSB Technologies and build this industry leading HD super truck. At NAB 2014 we discussed with Bel the design of specifically designed audio monitors for this truck, and it is good to see Bel having taken our suggestions and developed the new BM-A1-16OB, based on our requirements.”

NEP, who used Bel (Digital Audio) monitors such as the BM-A1-16SHD during a major international live sporting event in 2014, had entered discussions during NAB 2014 with Bel and their Australian distributor PAT to reduce the dimensions of the BM-A1-16SHD to a shallower depth of only 200mm while still keeping the essential features. The result is that the new and very first Bel (Digital Audio) BM-A1-16OB units will arrive in Australia in March this year to be used in HD11.

“The close cooperation between NEP Australia and the PAT team will see us deliver one of the most sophisticated outside broadcast systems in Australia to date. To say we are proud and honored to be involved with this project would be an understatement,” enthused Managing Director of Professional Audio & Television, Patrick Salloch. 

(Picture: NEP's 64 fader LAWO mc2 56 MKII druring factory testing in Rastatt, Germany with LAWO System Engineer Martin Kornmüller)