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NEWS > LAWO makes Kate, Tim & Marty’s Mission Possible


The Nova Network’s top rating drive show “Kate, Tim & Marty” and 20 lucky listeners jumped on board a plane to broadcast from 35,000 feet, including 44-year-old listener Craig who flew for the very first time… aboard a private jet nonetheless!

Kate, Tim & Marty like to dream big and thanks to Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation took their show to new heights, and from the moment everyone stepped on board the Fokker 70, it was clear this was going to be a flight to be remembered.

Tasked with making it all possible from a technical perspective was NOVA Entertainment’s Technology Manager John Pearce and his team. The chosen solution had to be easy to operate, while still providing the on-air talent and panel ops with familiar controls to their usual studio environment – of course on a much smaller and portable footprint. Just like for past Nova’s Red Room Global Tours, John and his team relied on a LAWO crystal frame with a virtual console surface, configured in LAWO’s VisTools Unlimited control software. The NOVA Entertainment custom configured LAWO console had 22 virtual faders on a DELL touch screen with ON/OFF and CUE buttons, bus assignments, level meters, monitoring control, dynamics, EQ, and everything else necessary to provide visual feedback and touch functionality.

“The LAWO crystal frame with a virtual surface has been a great addition to our arsenal of technical solutions here at NOVA Entertainment. We never know what will be thrown at us next and this time it was a show from 35,000 feet. The LAWO solution passed the ‘Mission impossible’ with flying colours and it was certainly not the last time we will dispatch this solution in the field,” said John Pearce – Technology Manager, NOVA Entertainment Sydney.


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