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Ex-Demo Products > Boland BVB 17OLED

Boland BVB 17OLED
Boland BVB 17OLED
Boland BVB 17OLED


When Boland began to develop the BVB Series, they asked themselves which monitor features are most important to the world of professional film and television. Was it color accuracy? Yes. Was it a full complement of scopes onboard? Of course. How about the ability to display 4:4:4 signal? Absolutely.

So Boland Communications built everything into one series.

The perfect size to use as a reference monitor, Boland is proud to bring you the next evolution in OLED technology, the BVB17OLED. 

If you have been searching for a client monitor that succsessfully offers the same black levels now found in your colourists edit bay,  Please consider the Boland BVB17OLED. 

Please note: Product is second hand - product may have some cosmetic wear & tear but is technically sounds and operational.