CyanView and PAT announce strategic alliance for Australia and New Zealand

April 2018, Las Vegas – CyanView announced today Professional Audio & Television as their exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

CyanView is a Belgium manufacturer designing and producing Cy-Stem, a universal mini-camera system consisting of an RCP control panel and smaller hardware modules that improve and simplify the production workflow. By leveraging IP technologies to power and transport data, control, audio and video over an IP network, CyanView’s solutions address three stages of the broadcast acquisition: control, image quality and video transport. Its universal RCP controller is designed for vision engineers and interfaces with mini-cameras, lenses and other accessories.

At the heart of CyanView’s IP-based Cy-Stem product range is the Cy-RCP, a universal remote-control panel that enables the control of multiple cameras. It is supported by the Cy-CI0 which enables control over IP of most cameras, lenses and other accessories via a range of protocols. The range also includes the Cy-GWY gateway which features the open Ember+ control protocol, and provides an interface to a VSM (Virtual Studio Manager) and video processors such as the Lawo V__pro8 . Its WAN capability enables remote production.

CyanView’s VP of Sales and Marketing – Stéphane Ducobu elaborates “PAT approached us at IBC in 2017 and showed interest in distributing our products in Australia and New Zealand. Considering that our products perfectly interface with VSM and Ember+, Professional Audio & Television were technically the perfect partner. Their tremendous success in the region, especially when it comes to video over IP projects, made for a very convincing business case and we are looking forward to establishing our products downunder and across the Tasman with the help of the PAT team.”

Professional Audio & Television’s Managing Director – Patrick Salloch continues “We are always on the lookout for promising young technology companies like CyanView, who provide our customers with a fresh approach to improving workflows and challenging the way broadcasters work today. Both CyanView and PAT believe that cutting edge IP innovation will better the way we produce our content tomorrow. To be given the opportunity to work with innovators like CyanView is not only exciting for our customers, my team and I – it reflects the commitment PAT has to provide our customers with better tools in a fast-changing industry. Hence, we are very much looking forward to launch the CyanView products to the Australian and New Zealand broadcast market and playing a part in making CyanView a global success story.”

PAT has demo products available in Australia and New Zealand – so for an obligation free demo please contact the PAT team today!

(Picture attached from left to right: David Bourgeois – Owner of CyanView, Patrick Salloch – MD at PAT, Keith Prestidge – GM at PAT and last but not least, Stephane Ducobu – VP Sales and Marketing at CyanView)